Synergy Spring Concert

Like spring itself, Synergy’s Spring Concert is eagerly anticipated each year—along with blossoms, stone fruit, longer days, and, of course, spring vacation. Tons of work, weeks of rehearsal, and a tremendous outpouring of staff energy make this evening possible each year. This year was no different. From the adorable Highway and Chicken number performed by kindergarteners, to the rousing 8th grade Bob Marley tribute, the 2015 gala was a whirlwind of excitement, primping, fancy clothes, scarves, cymbals, percussion, and harmony.

Performing music from Thailand, Zimbabwe, France, Jamaica, and homegrown jazz, Synergy talent was on display. The combination of music, movement, dance, rhythm, and camaraderie is what makes this performance unique. Even kids who fear performing or don’t feel musical get a chance to shine, along with those who love to sing, strum, and whirl across the stage.

The choir was sharp after many early morning rehearsals, and rounded out their set with a groovy interpretation of “Swinging on a Star.” The sixth grade rendition of Herbie Hancock’s “Watermelon Man” did not disappoint. and the much-anticipated 8th grade take on Marley’s “Three Little Birds” is sure to remain a great memory for 2015 graduates.

Big thanks, as always, to Synergy’s tireless music team, Mahala Bundy and Sam Heminger.

–by Darya Mead; photos by Russ Curtis and Darya Mead

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