Beginning August of 2024
100% FTE
Location: On Campus, in-person

This position works as part of the 1st and 2nd grade teaching team. Teachers will plan, develop and deliver grade level multi-subject, progressive curriculum that reflects educational standards and best practices, while using a variety of instructional methods. And, this position participates fully as a member of the Educational Cooperative.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Create, document and provide lesson plans using a grade level scope and sequence that aligns with Synergy School’s philosophy in collaboration with your teaching team
  • Develop and implement robust assessment practices; provide regular and individualized feedback to students and families
  • Provide structured and sequential reading program based instruction, using multi-sensory reading lessons through direct instruction for identified groups across the grade level with differentiation between emergent, transitional and early fluent readers
  • Teach foundational first and second grade math concepts that align with the adapted curriculum and standards 
  • Proficient with the content, curriculum, methods and materials of first and second grade
  • Communicate with co-teacher(s) and the learning specialist regarding students with nuero-diversity. Modify and adapt curriculum as needed
  • Facilitate and record notes for Fall and Spring Parent/Guardian Conferences
  • Prepare semester report cards and student work portfolios
  • Evaluate students and plan for academic, social and emotional growth
  • Write evaluations and progress reports 
  • Manage communication with parents including phone, email, meetings, assessment and reporting regularly
  • Practice the Synergy School agreement system and Synergy philosophy regarding growth and change 
  • Uphold professional standards of punctuality, discretion, and professionalism.
  • Coordinate and manage field trips, including overnight outdoor education
  • Integrate technology into the curriculum appropriately
  • Must be able to lift 25 lbs
  • Fulfill duties as a full member of the teaching cooperative (supervising students during recess and lunch, drop-off and pick-up curb duty)
  • Actively participate on school committees
  • Actively participate on the Board of Trustees
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree

Preferred Skills

  • Experience teaching elementary subjects, especially language arts (reading and writing)
  • Ability to develop and implement a project-based, anti-bias curriculum
  • Commitment to progressive educational practices
  • Understanding developmental stages and needs for children from 4 years of age through early adolescence
  • Team teaching experience
  • Experience working with diverse learners
  • Willingness to fulfill co-op duties
  • Interest in being a part of TK-8th grades learning community
  • Strong organizational and collaborative skills
  • Outdoor education experience
  • Teaching credential preferred

Send cover letters and resumes to

Synergy School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values workplace diversity. Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, age, religion, creed, national origin, disability, ancestry, ethnicity, marital status, parental status, domestic partner status, veteran status, medical condition (cancer-related), or the conditions Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and AIDS-related conditions or other non-merit factors or any category provided by ordinance.

Employee Code of Conduct

The Synergy School Agreement System stands as our guide for interactions with students. Employees are expected to follow the agreements with regards to respect and safe space, which includes tone of voice, language, and physical interactions that are deemed aggressive or sexual. If an interaction between a staff member and student is inappropriate, another member of the cooperative will be brought in to facilitate a conversation to process the incident.