In-person parent tours begin in late September. They include an orientation by Director of Admissions Rita Franklin, followed by classroom visits. Our two-hour tours are a necessary first step to applying to the school. Check our admissions webpage in late August to schedule a tour.

We are an inclusive community and actively recruit a diversity of learners and a diversity of families. The criteria we use to evaluate applicants includes academic and social readiness for each grade level, philosophical match between the school and families, and willingness on the part of families to support and participate in our community.

We actively recruit a diverse population in terms of ethnicity, income, and family structure, including LGBTQ+ parents, single parents, adoptive, and foster parents.

We do accept children with learning differences. In evaluating the possibility of admission, we look at the specific needs of the child and our ability to meet those needs. We have a full time learning specialist on site who works with teachers, students, and families to identify learning needs and strategies to meet these needs. She also helps families find outside resources if necessary to further support their child’s needs. In addition, our teachers are experienced at working with all types of learners and pursue ongoing professional development in this area.

Synergy’s tuition is one of the lowest of local independent schools. Our policy of maintaining a relatively low tuition while providing a high quality education enables us to attract families from all economic backgrounds. The cost of tuition should not discourage a family from applying to the school. Approximately a third of our students receive some level of financial aid.

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One-hour play dates for transitional kindergarten and kindergarten applicants are scheduled on a Saturday in February.

Two-hour visits for 1st through 8th grade applicants are scheduled from mid-January through late February.

Kindergarten applicants must turn 5 by August 31. Children who turn 5 in September, October, or November are eligible for our transitional kindergarten program

Children who turn 5 in September, October, or November are eligible for our unique, two-year kindergarten experience. They are fully integrated with the kindergarten class, but work at their own developmental level. Read more

Your child would still need to be in the two-year kindergarten program. All children, regardless of grade level, work at their own developmental level. This decision is based on educational research and our many years of experience with younger children as they pass through the higher grades.

Yes, the after school program is open to all students. Children have time for free play, relaxation, homework support, and exploration both inside and on the play yards. A healthy snack is included each afternoon. Students may attend full-time or part-time, including on a drop-in basis. The cost of care is pro-rated. The program begins at dismissal and ends at 6:00 PM.

Enrichment classes such as yoga, art, Capoeira, tinkering, and coding are available for a separate fee.

Extended care is offered during teacher-in-service days.

Transitional Kindergarten

Rita Franklin
Director of Admissions

Cynthia Louie
Administrative Coordinator

Becky Barmore
Admissions Assistant