Our Home

Current location of Synergy School, 1387 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA.

When it began back in 1973, Synergy School started in San Francisco with big dreams and a much smaller campus. It was originally housed in Noe Valley and later operated out of a Victorian building near Alamo Square.

Since 1999 Synergy’s home has been located in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District. The school purchased C.A. Anderson’s Mortuary in 1998, and the 1920s building underwent a significant renovation. To preserve the building, after structural improvements, the front portion of the old building was kept intact with its ornate entryway and original tile. In place of two parking lots on either side of the building, play yards were created.

Today the two-story school includes 16,000 square feet of learning space that serves approximately 190 TK-8 grade students. In 2013 a 30 kilowatt (kW) roof-top solar system was installed to help power the building. Additionally in 2022, an improved and more efficient heating and cooling system was added to enhance ventilation for classrooms and library.

Synergy School in 1998 was located near Alamo Square at 975 Grove Street.

Earlier locations

In the beginning the school was located at 1420 Castro Street in Noe Valley – the current location of the Sea Breeze Cleaners.  As enrollment grew, another site was acquired at 975 Grove Street, near Alamo Square. Two separate locations proved unwieldy, and the locations merged into the large Grove Street Victorian.

Resource: Max Kirkeberg Collection, San Francisco State University

Before Synergy School bought and renovated the building at 1387 Valencia Street, it was home to Anderson’s Mortuary.
Photo: Max Kirkeberg Collection, 1988