100 Days at Synergy

"100 days of school: PK-3 grades photo"

How far will 100 steps take you? What does a bag of 100 pinto beans look like? These are just a couple of the questions students wrestled with when Synergy celebrated its 100th day of the 2014-2015 school year this past Monday.

Kindergartners brought in zip-lock bags of 100 objects – including candy, Legos, and leaves. They made 100-days glasses out of construction paper, and decorated them with feathers, stickers, and jewels. They colored charts of 100 squares and cut them up to make puzzles. Second graders worked together to come up with 100 number combinations that equal 100.

“The 100-days celebration helps kids realize the accomplishment of getting through 100 days of the school year,” said Sun Room teacher Teresa Rodriguez.

“It’s a great way for kids to get a sense of numbers and of time,” observed Star Room teacher Carolyn Kruse. “For the kindergartners the excitement kept building as we counted off the days.” The hardest part, she said, was explaining to some of the kids that the 100th day was not the last day of the school year – and that they weren’t going to be starting first grade just yet.

One more question: How many K- 3rd grade students (and teachers) does it take to make a beautiful, squirmy 100 in the hard yard? See for yourself:

"100 days of school: PK-3 grades photo"

More photos:

— by Connie Matthiessen

Photos by Russ Curtis and Liz McDonald 

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