Lunar New Year

LunarNewYear2015 - 23-XL

Sunroom students ushered in the Year of the Sheep with a school-wide performance in the Big Room. Lunar New Year is an annual celebration at Synergy, and students, led by music teacher Sam Heminger, began rehearsing a month in advance.

Sunroom teacher Jesse kicked off the show with a couple of ruminant jokes (What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate? A candy baaaa.) Next, second graders offered some Year of the Sheep fun facts (lucky numbers: 3, 4, and 9; unlucky colors: gold, brown, and black; notable sheep: Leonardo DaVinci, Mark Twain, and Rachel Carson.)

As students played drums and xylophones, parasol dancers whirled across the floor and back, ending their dance in a cloud of confetti. Then, two dozing dragons were coaxed awake. The agile dragons danced and leapt to the sound of music and a booming gong, past screeching kindergarteners.

The celebration ended with a noisy, jubilant parade around school, headed by another notable sheep: our own Mahala Bundy.

–Connie Matthiessen 

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