All School Ice Skating


It was summer in January in San Francisco and Synergy’s all school skating trip (one of my personal favorites) was on the schedule. Some kids came well prepared—other’s sporting shorts and t-shirts. The kindergarteners left early—because it takes them a little longer to get places—and the rest of the school paraded down to BART. Part of the fun of a class trip is getting there and back, and kids enjoyed the journey despite the heat.


Some needed help lacing up and pep talks were flowing, but the majority of kids—big and small—skated, glided, inched, fell and slid their way around the rink. Many had hats, gloves, earmuffs and were rarin’ to go, other’s had trepidations. Sun streamed in through the big window of Yerba Buena Ice Rink as middle school kids assisted little ones around the rink. This is also one of my favorite things to witness. Plenty of staff and parents were on hand for a hand or encouragement. You could tell many caught the skating bug in time for the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea. I skated with one third grader who I had helped as a newbie K student. He remembered me and shared how much he likes skating and how he has come a few times since.


Growing up on the East coast, most kids learned how to skate—at least in the 70’s when public rinks were affordable and accessible for all. For many Synergy kids it was their first opportunity to glide on two blades across the ice —no salchows in our group—but plenty of determination and the conquering of fears. It’s one of the many reasons, as a parent, I love Synergy. I find helping a kid out of their comfort zone in nature on the slopes or on the ice to be incredibly nourishing. Some kids are naturals, other struggle, but smiles were big, cheeks rosy and good, healthy fun was had by all!

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By Darya Mead, Synergy Parent & Trustee



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