The Agreement System Assembly

agreeOn Friday morning September 8th, the entire school (students and adults) gathered in the Big Room for the annual signing of Synergy’s Agreement System poster. The Agreement System, used for both academic and social growth, is a tool we use to teach children to take responsibility at Synergy. The core tenets of encouragement, cooperation, respect, responsibility and logical and natural consequences are embodied in our Agreement System.

The children and teachers agree to the following six agreements to make Synergy a respectful learning community, free of bias, by:

  • Keeping a safe place, without prejudices, for everyone’s body and feelings.
  • Respecting all property.
  • Participating academically.
  • Participating in all other school activities.
  • Being in a designated space.
  • Agreeing to leave quickly and quietly when waved out.

During the week leading up to the assembly, the classroom teachers taught lessons to their students about the agreement system. Learning to take responsibility is a priority at Synergy and the belief that we all have the ability to look at ourselves honestly, to change and to grow. Classes created skits, designed posters (some are hanging in the hallways), and others had deep discussions to make sure the children fully understood the agreement they would sign on Friday.

Earlier in the week Pam created a large themed poster of our San Francisco skyline at night. The morning of the assembly each class was given a section of the poster to sign.  Some classes signed their names by decorating colorful windows then gluing them to the buildings. Kindergarten designed a “Painted Lady” and added their name. Sun Room decorated and signed stars to go in the night sky.

After settling into the largest space in the school, the meeting began. Jesse was the M.C. and talked with the children about why we had gathered and the importance of the Agreement System.  One at a time he named an agreement and members of the class who had signed that section brought it to the front of the room to add to the large poster. When all the pieces were secure Jesse led the entire school in saying a loud and enthusiastic “We Agree” and everyone was dismissed to recess.

– Pam Heyda, Synergy teacher


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