Synergy Talent Show

Synergy students showcased their special skills and talents yesterday afternoon at our Talent Show, an annual school wide event that never fails to entertain and impress. Students from all classes participated: We had an especially large turnout of performers under the age of 13, while the 7th and 8th graders chose to be enthusiastic spectators instead. The students demonstrated their incredible abilities in everything from musical performances and dare devil acts to imaginative sketches and sports tricks, and they kept the rest of us smiling the whole time.

In true Synergy spirit, the audience provided overwhelming support to its peers. When performers’ nerves surfaced, their classmates yelled out words of encouragement, and the student MCs praised each student post-performance as they high-fived their friends on the way back to their seat. The kindergarteners’ songs received the same thunderous applause as did the more seasoned students’ better rehearsed acts, which I think demonstrates the school’s success in building community across all ages.

Be sure to check out the video clips below—Unfortunately there were a few piano recitals, skits, and performances that did not get recorded, but rest assured that every student contributed a piece that brought smiles and laughs to all. Thank you Synergy students for sharing your passions with your community!

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