Synergy Graduation 2017

Synergy’s 8th grade graduation for 2017 was another epic Synergy community event. The Big Room was packed with parents, siblings, caregivers, Synergy staff and other community members. Rainbow Room parent Désirée of Désirée Flower provided glorious flower arrangements for the occasion. The graduates sat in a semicircle, ready to be celebrated. All dressed up and anticipating the right of passage– done in a way only Synergy can– full of love, spirit, passion, creativity, sense of social justice, community and meaningfulness.

Two stellar student representatives — Anaya and Isis — spoke to their classmates and audience with poise, humor and words that carried their friends and families to that special place where years of hard work culminate in a moment:

“A lot of people would call this a hippie school, that’s fine by me, because only at Synergy there’s care in the way they nurture, a place to be yourself and creative… These 10 years at Synergy have been the best of my life… Make mistakes because it means you are learning and trying new things… Most importantly, put yourself out there and simply perfect your imperfections…. So fellow classmates, friends, best friends and loved ones, I want to leave you with this quote my grandmother used to say to me: ‘The sky’s the limit…The possibilities in life endless’… our journey and experiences don’t stop here at Synergy, but they extend into the great future.”

Jesse Kitses was the MC extraordinaire, keeping the celebrations moving along and providing context and connection and introducing each student and speaker. Each graduate was regaled in that unique Synergy way that speaks to how well kids are ‘known’ and understood. Some teachers rapped, others focused on the future, and all were heartfelt and compelling. Each graduate was given a yellow rose, and following the ritual walk through the banner of flags — many walked through on their first day at Synergy as five-year-olds– the party continued in the soft yard.

As is Synergy tradition, 7th grade parents provided a feast in the Star, Rainbow, and Sun Rooms with main dishes and dessert, including the very popular chocolate fountain.

For some families it was their first child to complete the Synergy experience; for others, it was the end of an era. For many, it was another colorful expression of the deep commitment of the school and its staff to the momentous job of educating a child.

You can see more photos from graduation on SmugMug, and be sure to check out this video of the happy graduates!

–By Darya Mead, Synergy parent

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