Eastender & Skylight Plays

After countless nights of memorization, art classes devoted to backdrops and props, and mornings spent rehearsing the songs over and over, the Skylights and Eastenders were finally ready! The highly anticipated fourth and fifth grade plays showcase the students’ creative talents, which they demonstrated this year in “Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock” and “Tales of Finn McCool and the Fionna.”

Behind the stage, a bright and colorful mural depicting a bustling farmers’ market set the stage for “Anansi,” a story about a conniving man who repeatedly deceives and robs his fellow townspeople of their hard-earned food. A greedy and manipulative outsider, Anansi lures people into the forest by inviting them to “cool down” and take refuge with him from the hot Caribbean sun. He then kicks things up a notch by nonchalantly drawing their attention to a magical rock that, upon their remark on its unusual presence, causes them to abruptly faint. The Skylights acted the story beautifully, and their classmates in the orchestra further enhanced the overall performance. With Synergy’s music teacher Mahala Bundy as conductor, the orchestra emphasized the particularly dramatic moments. As each unsuspecting townsperson fell for Anansi’s trap, they collapsed to the ground with a loud boom boom TAH from the orchestra that let the audience know that yet again, Anansi was up to no good!

In “Tales of Finn McCool and the Fionna,” performed by the Eastenders, the students reenacted the adventures of landless young men from early medieval Ireland. While the play features mostly male characters, the students nonetheless succeeded in addressing issues of gender and gender equality throughout the play, with repeated references to the young warriors’ mothers, whom they declare “taught them everything they know,” and raised them to be respectful and kind men. Director Jana Barber, Synergy’s drama teacher, was sure to include some comedic relief as well. During an otherwise serious fight scene, a student exclaimed, “You will slay me with your body odor and foul breath alone,” eliciting chuckles from the audience at the indignation displayed by both accuser and accused.

There was an excellent turnout for both plays, and it was quite clear that the students’ hard work finally paid off! Bravo to both the Skylights and Eastenders, and a big thank you to Jana and Mahala for their guidance and support!


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