4/5 Visits SFMOMA


The fourth and fifth grade visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on Monday in mid-September. Teachers Sandy, Rea, Roy and myself eagerly led the kids downtown on BART. At the museum, the docents divided the students into small groups and led us into the first-floor galleries where the students were encouraged to observe, question, and explore contemporary art. Students reimagined famous works of art and created imaginative titles for their masterpieces, modeling the art styles of Matisse, Jasper Johns, and Piet Mondrian. The rest of the visit was spent exploring the entirety of the museum. So whether it was the front entrance maze, the living wall or a ceiling high Andy Warhol, the kids experienced all the SFMOMA had to offer. Finally, we concluded our field trip with lunch in the Yerba Buena Gardens and a fun game of tag before heading back to Synergy.

by Sydney McGhie, Eastenders/Skylights Aide

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