Spanish - 7th Grade

The Middle School Spanish class at Synergy is a three-year Spanish Level 1 program and it is taught using a research-based Comprehensible Input (CI) approach. What is comprehensible input? In a Comprehensible Input classroom, students are given input (language) that they mostly understand (about 90% of the words used) with the other 10% of the input being language they aren’t familiar with yet. The program’s goal is long-term language acquisition at the student’s own pace. The instruction is done through storytelling in Spanish with a focus on improving students’ communicative abilities. The program also includes linguistic and cultural components relevant to understanding the context and use of the Spanish language. During the middle school years the main curriculum used is Somos 1, by The Comprehensible Classroom, supplemented by Señor Wooly’s story songs.


Approaches to Learning