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The Agreement System

Synergy School was founded on the values of encouragement, cooperation, respect, and responsibility. From the beginning, we wanted to provide an environment where children were respected and respectful, where they knew they were responsible for themselves, and where they would face logical and natural consequences for their choices and behavior. That was the genesis of the Agreement System, which is unique to Synergy.

First and foremost, the goal is to create a safe space for bodies and feelings, and for learning. It is important for students to not only honor safety for others, but also to insist upon it for themselves.

Each day, our students live the Agreement System in developmentally appropriate ways with the expectation that they will change and grow as learners and members of our community.

I agree to make Synergy a respectful learning community, free of bias, by…
  • Keeping a safe place, without prejudices, for everyone’s body and feelings.
  • Respecting all property.
  • Participating academically.
  • Participating in all other school activities.
  • Being in a designated space.
  • Agreeing to leave quickly and quietly when waved out.*

*The wave out is a non-verbal tool to help students manage their own behavior. When waved out, a student walks quickly and quietly to the classroom door and touches it. This physical interruption of distracting or disruptive behavior allows them to reset and refocus without drawing attention away from class instruction, discussion, or activities. It is intended to be non-punitive.